26 November 2021

SINGAPORE, November 26, 2021 – Warner Music Singapore (WMS) and SingPop Music Limited (SingPop) jointly presented the the final showcase of SINGVOICE新创之声2021 (SingVoice) hosted at the *SCAPE Ground Theatre last night (November 25, 2021). Singer-songwriter Soph T. was announced as the inaugural winner of the program and will be offered a recording contract with the major label.

The final showcase was livestreamed concurrently on SingVoice’s official Facebook and TikTok accounts from 830pm onwards last night, and is currently available on replay on SingVoice’s official YouTube channel. Special Guest-of-Honor, Sim Ann, Senior Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of National Development, also graced the event in support of the development of Mando-pop in Singapore’s music scene.

The event saw the 10 finalists in attendance where their pre-recorded performances – Yokez's "What Have I Become," LYNX's "The Queen's Reign," BECKA's "I'm Okay," Nicole Sim's "Fly With me," Ora's "Play," Soph T.'s "In The Fire," ZJ's "Obsession," Jason Yu's "Let You Go," Wilson Huang's "Better Apart," and J.M3's (pronounced as Jamie)'s "Lady” – were aired for the first time. Video footage of their their journey through the SingVoice’s mentorship program and ancedotes from various mentors were also showcased.

The entire SingVoice journey also formed the basis of the judging criteria for the panels of judges comprising Derrick Tham, SingPop co-founder and SingVoice mentor, Gerald Ang, Managing Director of WMS, and Lennat Mak, Head of A&R at WMS. Each finalist was scored by the weightage of different aspects – Final Showcase Presentation (60%), Social Media Marketing (20%) and Digital Stream Counts (20%).

After a tough and very close rounds of assessment, 24 year-old singer-songwriter Soph T. made the cut above the rest with her stellar performance of the track, “In The Fire.” Not only did the judges commented on her musicality and bold artistic intent to step into new musical froniters, they also remarked on the international appeal evident from track’s presentation in songcraft, production and arrangement.

Said Soph T., “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the entire SingVoice process in the past few months. I’ve made so many new friends who share the same experience as a budding recording artist in Singapore, and I’ve also learnt so much from the various mentors. Being able to win this is such a great honor for me. I can’t wait to work with Warner Music Singapore for my forthcoming releases!”

Gerald Ang, Managing Director of WMS, added, “A huge congratulations to Soph T. who emerged as the winner of SingVoice. We are delighted for Soph T. to join the Warner family and we look forward to work closely with her to create new milestones for her music career.”

Derrick Tham, SingPop co-founder and SingVoice mentor, wrapped up the sentiments, “The 10 finalists have shown such great potential and we are all so proud of how far they have come and grown. I’m excited to see where the future would take them, and hopefully, all of them will be the next Mando-pop breakout stars of tomorrow.”

The night’s proceedings also saw three more awards given out respectively to Ora for *SCAPE’s Most Promising Youth Award, Yokez for SPH Media UFM 100.3's Media Recommended Award, and LYNX for Shunji Matsuo's Best Artist Image Award.

Jointly launched by WMS and SingPop earlier this year on July 15, SingVoice is a platform for up and coming Mandopop singer-songwriters in a “mentorship and competition” format. This partnership marks the first collaboration between the major label and industry experts to hunt for the next Mandopop star in Singapore.

After an open-call for entries and series of auditions, 10 finalists are selected for the two-month long SingVoice mentorship program of songwriting workshops, professional production studio sessions, performance training and audience engagement skills. The process culminted in a 10-track compilation titled, SingVoice Season 1, that was released on November 12, 2021 on all digital platforms.

The SingVoice mentorship program is powered by SingPop, a non-profit music organization founded by award winning music producers and songwriters George Leong, Derrick Tham, Terrence Huang and Hubert Ng that aims to grow Singaporean artist profiles in the Mandopop music industry in Singapore and regionally. Other famed mentors include A&R experts Goh Kheng Long and Kenn C, award-winnings luminaries as David Tan, Wilson Tan, Jonathan Koh, Tan Boon Wah, and WMS artists, 楚晴Jasmine Sokko and 向洋Nathan Hartono.

The full SingVoice journey is currently documented in a video series supported by National Arts Council (NAC), available in full episodes on SingVoice’s official YouTube channel and as video shorts on SingVoice’s official Facebook and TikTok channels.

SingVoice is supported by UFM 100.3 as the official supporting radio station. Other supporting partners include *SCAPE, Shunji Matsuo, Laura Mercier, Shiseido Singapore, Leo Studio, Jay Studio, Pink Noise, Dreambox Studio, Dm Music and Berty Entertainment.

More developments on the program and the winner’s new releases with WMS will be announced in the coming months. For more information on SingVoice, please visit the official social channels below: