11 June 2021

SINGAPORE, JUNE 11, 2021 – Singaporean singer-songwriter-producer triple threat Jasmine Sokko stays out of the box with a brand-new English single, “TETRIS”, released today under Warner Music Singapore across all digital platforms worldwide.

Says Jasmine Sokko, “‘TETRIS’ is based on a quote I chanced upon while surfing the net - ‘Tetris taught me that when you try to fit in, you will disappear.’ The song is a celebration of the eccentrics, the outliers and the mavericks who are unapologetically themselves in a society that often craves for assurance, acceptance and attention.” 

“TETRIS” is co-written by Jasmine Sokko with Grammy-nominated executive producer Jenna Andrews (BTS, Benee, Lennon Stella) and produced by Oscar Scheller (Charlie XCX, Ashnikko). This soft electro-pop single plays out as a mnemonic to Jasmine Sokko’s quirky youth and friendships.

“I was reminiscing a series of adventures with my various friends, such as going to a shopping mall together in bathrobes, bringing a pumpkin home from a park - basically not being restricted to societal norms of what the right behaviors are,” recalls Jasmine Sokko in the making of “TETRIS.”

While the track is about embracing one’s uniqueness and individualism, “TETRIS” is also about connecting with the right players in your life and disappearing together. “I felt a surge of conviction to find more people like that. The ones who are seemingly unbothered by how a normal person should behave. They make me feel infinite,” says Jasmine Sokko. 

Describing the production of “TETRIS,” Jasmine Sokko links the euphonious track as a musical depiction of a scene from the movie, The Perks of Being a Wallflower where Emma Watson’s character climbs up to the roof while it drives through the tunnel. The song takes a sharp turn towards the end in what Jasmine Sokko expresses as “a glitch because sometimes it really hurts to not fit in.”

“TETRIS” takes on a different shape as compared to her previous English track, “MEDUSA,” that was released on March 5, 2021. As the rebellious track of her upcoming EP, Jasmine Sokko reveals that “TETRIS”’s sonic palette does not fall into the same spectrum but that is exactly what “TETRIS” is all about – not fitting in. 

Jasmine Sokko further dedicates this song as a “thank-you note to all the strangest people I have met. It is a collection of appreciation I gathered over the years from independent thinkers who are courageous enough to be themselves – regardless of what the world regards as ‘cool’ at a particular point of time.”

“TETRIS” is now available on all digital platforms. This continues Jasmine Sokko’s release momentum leading up to her EP due in the later part of 2021.