13 October 2022

SINGAPORE, October 13, 2022 – Hot on the heels of his latest single titled “Infinity” released just two months ago, Singaporean singer-songwriter Nathan Hartono finally unveiled the accompanying official music video on his YouTube channel last night (October 12) at 8pm.

A multiverse head trip of visual delights, the music video features Nathan Hartono playing various bigger-than-life TV characters in their best caricature forms, all coming together in an exuberant swirl soundtracked by the chaotic sonic energy of the song.

Says Nathan, “’Infinity’ is a song I wrote about my depressive states, and how sometimes it feels like there is no beginning and no end - just a wash of sadness that stretches endlessly. I start to disconnect, distract myself with absolutely anything but the problem, and life starts to feel less like life.

I thought it’d be interesting to show a character falling deeper and deeper down this hole of distractions. So much so that the distinction between real life and fantasy become blurred - almost meaningless.

I built the world around things that I grew up watching on TV. The comfort food of my TV diet, nature documentaries, cooking shows, professional wrestling…These things that provided me comfort and shelter from a world I was not ready for. But at the heart of the video is a silliness that we tried to keep, despite the dark subject matter. Sometimes depression doesn’t make sense. All of it can be quite absurd, really.”

Other than flexing his acting chops, Nathan also helms behind-the-scenes credits as the director, producer, storyboarding and wardrobe duties.

“It’s not like I intend to have this much creative control over everything I do. Just that for this specific project, a personal touch felt required for such a personal feeling. (Being hands-on), I feel a lot more accountable for (my own creative output). If it sucks, I have a very short list of people to blame (i.e.: me, ha-ha!) and I kind of like that,” explains Nathan. “I also enjoy the test of trying different hats. It helps me understand other people’s jobs better and have a deeper appreciation for the craft of every single role involved.”

The music video for “Infinity” is now available on Nathan Hartono’s official YouTube channel. The charming indie-pop track is also the first single taken from the new music cycle that Nathan is embarking on. A second single is currently penciled for release in the coming weeks.