28 October 2022

SINGAPORE, OCTOBER 28, 2022 – Singaporean singer-songwriter Nathan Hartono releases new dream pop single “Night After Night,” available across all digital platforms worldwide today. The song is a follow-up to the first single “Infinity” (released back on August 12, 2022) of Nathan Hartono’s new music release cycle.

Says Nathan, “‘Night After Night’ continues the trend of vulnerability I’ve been trying to keep with this new wave of music. While ‘Infinity’ is cryptic and vague, ‘Night After Night’ drops all the pre-tense and is more confessional. The lyrics ‘Help isn’t on the way, ‘coz I’m hiding it well’ is kind of the inciting line that made me know what this song is going to be about, and how honest I wanted to be. At my worst, I find myself in the middle of sleepless nights, staring at the ceiling, contemplating nothing and everything at the same time. And this song is birthed from that feeling.”

Working with Canadian producer Peach Luffe (real name Jong Lee) for the first time remotely over Zoom earlier this year, Nathan has intentionally shaped the direction of the track towards a lush and wistful ‘60s dream pop arrangement.

“There is something about that dream pop, shoegaze-y sound that evokes a sense of meandering that I tend to feel in these dark times. I think because I wrote a lot of the music and lyrics at the same time, the words kind of informed the sound,” explains Nathan. “I listened to a lot of Peach Luffe’s songs before we met and happened to have the perfect draft song that would be a good jumping off point. I love his throwback sound and I have always wanted to do a song just like this, so it was some sort of kismet that brought us together.”

Currently working on more new music, Nathan is on an exploratory sonic journey to develop his sound. Earlier this year in August, Nathan released the indie-pop single “Infinity” and self-directed the accompany music video that is now available on his official YouTube channel. “Night After Night” is the second single from this new series and more releases can be expected in the coming months.