8 July 2022

SINGAPORE, JULY 8, 2022 – Rising Singaporean bilingual multi-hyphenate J.M3 (pronounced as Jamie) announces her fiery arrival with her major label debut single “Hot Sauce,” released today under Warner Music Singapore (WMS) across all digital platforms worldwide.

Fresh off her Top 10 Finalist placement at last year’s SingVoice 2021 competition that was co-organized by WMS and SingPop Music Limited, J.M3 joins her fellow SingVoice 2021 alumni, Soph T. and Yokez, as the third banner act to be signed under WMS’ Mandopop roster, inking her first label deal in February this year.

Says J.M3, “It’s still crazy thinking about the journey since SingVoice. Every moment from then on has been a mad rollercoaster ride. I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds as I already know this is going to be exciting as hell. The real work has begun.”

As a rapper, songwriter, dancer, actress, J.M3 establishes herself as a hybrid all-rounder with alt-pop-rap swagger. Originally releasing her repertoire in English as an independent artist, J.M3 has been sharpening her newfound signature pop-grit musical approach with collaborator and producer Jaydos (Diamond Zhang, Shishi, SING Girl Group, UNINE) since their work on the SingVoice Mando-pop track, “Lady.”

“Hot Sauce,” the assertive, self-empowerment pop-rap anthem and leading charge for J.M3’s major label debut, is a grand peek into the musical elevation that the pair sets to achieve. Anchored by the track’s ominous deep bass with kaleidoscopic pop production, J.M3 delivers her feisty rapid-fire verses in both Mandarin and English, fully showcasing her natural flow and lyrical wit that come from her experience growing up in Singapore, where diversity in culture and languages are widely celebrated.

“Growing up in a metropolis means we are so influenced by Western culture. But at the same time, it’s also important to embrace our roots and who we are,” explains J.M3. “The ability to write and produce music in both English and Mandarin has been a huge motivating factor for me. Artists like Jackson Wang are doing a very successful job of bridging the East and the West, and I would like my music to be part of that pop frontier that defies boundaries and merges music cultures.”

An accompanying music video to “Hot Sauce” is also released on the same day. Directed by Benjamin Ong (who is better known by the moniker Bong and for his works with The Sam Willows), the visual piece is a high-energy, summer blockbuster that showcases an irresistible dance hook backed by J.M3’s effervescent charisma that lights up the screen.

“Hot Sauce” is the first focus track of a series of singles that will be released in the coming months, leading to an as-yet-titled EP in early 2023. Sweeping the scene with her fresh energy and unique bilingual approach, J.M3 undeniably has her sights set on redefining a new generation of pop-culture crossovers.

“Hot Sauce” is now available on all digital streaming platforms at

新加坡华纳音乐继在音乐寻星比赛《SingVoice新创之声》成功发掘Soph T. 霏霏和Yokez叶玉棂后,又收获一枚女猛将,力量袭酷炫女声 J.M3刘宣怡震撼来袭,加盟华纳音乐大家庭首波中英混唱创作单曲《Hot Sauce》,势必带动火世代女力崛起,以超燃说唱实力大闹乐坛!

在J.M3(读音为Jamie)身上,绝对可以看见狮子座女生的霸气,大胆创新且有深刻见解。她更是一个拥有6项全能的狠角色 —— 集说唱、创作、舞蹈、演戏才华于一身,精通中英双语,亦会弹奏吉他和钢琴。以英文独立说唱歌手起家的她,为了挑战自己,去年中旬参加《SingVoice新创之声》并晋升大决赛10强之一,在比赛发表生平首支中文创作单曲《雷敌Lady》,毫无掩饰地展现了新世代女性的酷飒魅力。7月8日热辣上架的全新中英混唱单曲《Hot Sauce》可说是《雷敌Lady》延续篇,以强烈节奏及充满魅力、流畅的说唱,完美展现J.M3对于音乐独有的认同感,继续传递“无所畏惧勇敢做自己”的强大信念。

你一定看过这么一张梗图:一只小猫在水中倒影变成了猛虎,寓意自信不疑、自强不息。J.M3选择用说唱传递这股正能量,《Hot Sauce》直抒胸臆达,唯有壮大自我、才能乘风破浪活出自己的滚烫人生。

Hot Sauce,泛指各种以辛辣香料制成的辣味酱汁。五味之中,以辣最生猛浓烈却也最过瘾,充满百转回肠的动荡。歌词中的“炸掉游戏规则,我突破了障碍”、“多少懦弱的对手(风格)我来打破”、 “我的规矩是不用守规矩”直白辛辣,具有爆发力的饶舌,一开口就让人印象深刻!人生,就是要充满辣而不呛的大无畏精神,胸口挂着“勇”字狠狠向前冲。



J.M3跟饶舌嘻哈之间的渊源,其实要从街舞说起。2014年,热爱舞蹈的J.M3远赴美国洛杉矶参加知名舞蹈教室Movement Lifestyle的顶尖集训营,当红编舞师Kyle Hanagami和Parris Goebel曾分别与BLACKPINK、少女时代、Rihanna、Jennifer Lopez等乐坛A咖合作。

作为歌手出道后,她一直希望能在创作中融入唱跳元素,如今终能如愿透过生平首支唱跳MV展现精湛舞技。《Hot Sauce》MV特别邀来去年获选参加中国大型街舞竞技节目《这!就是街舞4》的Jojo韩嘉莹合作编舞。

拥有超强舞蹈实力的J.M3仅花了三堂课就掌握《Hot Sauce》舞蹈,舞蹈与旋律一样简短魔性,副歌部分尤其充满记忆点。J.M3特别发起《Hot Sauce》TikTok舞蹈挑战,诚邀所有热爱街舞的朋友,一起“舞”力全开,尽情翻跳、辣无极限!

J.M3刘宣怡全新中英混唱创作单曲《Hot Sauce》7月8日于各大音乐平台热辣上架,MV也将于同日12点首播。