4 August 2023

SINGAPORE, AUGUST 4, 2023 – Singaporean singer-songwriter Nathan Hartono has unveiled his latest single, "Dopamine,” available worldwide on all digital platforms. The upbeat and emotionally charged track offers a glimpse into his upcoming album titled, The Great Regression, scheduled for release in September.

As part of the thematic musical direction that Nathan has been showcasing through his past singles from this album cycle, “Dopamine” delves into the pursuit of happiness and inner peace. Lyrically, Nathan explores the fleeting nature of joy and the longing for a hit of dopamine to uplift the spirits. The song's introspective verses and uplifting chorus convey the desire to let go, release the past, and embrace a brighter future.

“This album is full of happy songs with sad lyrics, none more exemplary than ‘Dopamine.’ It’s a song about the fleeting feeling of happiness. How it can seem impossible to achieve, terrifying to hold onto, and even scarier to let go of. 

It might be an oversimplification, but sometimes happiness isn’t as nebulous as it may seem. There are things you can do for yourself on a practical level to ensure, or at least set yourself up for, happiness,” explains Nathan.

He continues, “Because often, at our worst, we deny ourselves this simple act of self-love. We start to forget what it feels like to be in our power and happiness begins to feel like a distant memory. But when it comes down to it, all the complex circumstances of life that create and destroy ‘happiness’ could be distilled down to the innocuous organic chemical known as dopamine.”

Produced by London-based Jimmy James, who also took on co-writing duties with Nathan and Ryan Lawrie (BTS, ENHYPEN, SEVENTEEN), "Dopamine" is now available for streaming on all major platforms. As the 5th single taken from the forthcoming full-length album, The Great Regression, the song offers an affirming preview of Nathan’s introspective musical journey that invites listeners to reflect on the intricate tapestry of their own emotions and experiences.

A visual companion piece to the single is currently in the works and more details surrounding the release of The Great Regression will be available in the coming weeks.