22 September 2023

SINGAPORE, SEPTEMBER 22, 2023 – Singaporean singer-songwriter Nathan Hartono releases his debut major label studio album titled The Great Regression, available worldwide on all digital platforms today. The eight-track album features all five singles releases thus far – “Infinity,” “Night After Night,” “Pastrami,” “Tell It To My Face” and “Dopamine,” with brand new focus single “In The Clouds” and two more new album tracks, “Somebody Else” and “The End Of The World.”

With a newfound sense of purpose and expression since the release of the first album single “Infinity,” Hartono brings forth a collection of deeply personal and introspective tracks that resonate with raw emotion. The evolution of Hartono's artistry is evident, as he confronts his vulnerabilities and transforms pain into profound musical expression, fearlessly shedding light on his struggles, dispelling the notion that public figures are immune to such challenges.

Says Hartono, "The Great Regression marks my first studio album since forever. And rather than driving myself crazy asking ‘What took so long?’, the question I find myself wondering more and more is: ‘Why now?’

For the first time in a long time, I feel like I have something important to say. More significantly, I feel empowered enough to say it.

Mental health has been front and center of our generation’s zeitgeist for a while now, and though the conversation isn’t new, I still find myself taking old approaches. It took a lot of time to work through these things, and even more time to then translate it to some kind of musical output. But the process, though trying, has been some of the most rewarding art I’ve been involved in creating.

Writing about the pain in an honest way made me learn to love my pain, love my music, love myself.

While the journey of self-love may have a long hard road ahead, I am learning to trust myself more and more in the process. And that has translated to me putting more of myself in this album than anything I’ve ever done.

The Great Regression isn’t just a depression project, it’s been a journey in finding ‘Nathan Hartono’ again, learning to love him more, trust him more, and accepting all the loveliness and ugliness that comes with this insane career path.”

Deeply personal and inspiring, The Great Regression is more than an album - it's a testament to resilience, self-discovery, and the healing power of music. Come October 5, Nathan Hartono will also bring his new music live on stage with his first solo headlining concert in 7 years titled "In The Clouds Live!” at the Capitol Theatre.

With his long-awaited solo return to the stage, this concert is Nathan’s best one yet, with odes to the past and new songs paving the way for his current self in his journey of re-discovery, giving fans new insight as to the artiste and person he has become. Tickets are currently on sale via SISTIC and are priced at $88, $68, and $48.