About Not Tonight

Not Tonight, It’s not time to leave yet
What immeasurable power must I possess, to get to where you are?

Not Tonight, not this moment
What more must I lose, in order to have you back?

In this moment, I am certain
My heart is pounding wildly, like its bursting out of my chest

It’s not time, not tonight
I can’t leave you now, I can’t leave what I have

Not resting on his laurels after the release of English track, While I Can, JJ surprises fans once again with a highly anticipated collaboration with world-renowned electronic dance producer and award-winning DJ, Steve Aoki. The latest track, Not Tonight (Tomorrow Sounds Good Steve Aoki Remix), out November 30th  is JJ’s first foray into the EDM genre.

The song depicts one’s conflicting struggles—the difficulty in letting go of a loved one, and the difficulty in embracing one’s self. When the struggle is overwhelming and giving up seems the most obvious choice, you harness all the strength you have to softly yet firmly tell yourself, “Not Tonight”. Through JJ’s vocals and Aoki’s DJ-ing, the song showcases a stronger and brighter rhythm of electronic music, with the focus on one’s redemption on that dark night, evoking the psychedelia, sensibility, and the swing of the song.

Not Tonight (Tomorrow Sounds Good Steve Aoki Remix) marks the launch of JJ’s first single from his Like You Do EP. In this EP, JJ revisits the essence of music making and storytelling--when the language is more intuitive, the self that he meets is even more honest and real.

JJ has travelled far and wide in search of different sounds. Shedding his previously tried-and-tested creative processes, this time round JJ discards all the rules and templates he’s familiar with, no holds barred. The result is music that reflects his distinctive self and newfound freedom. Collaborating with new music partners on this EP, JJ evidently enjoys these new relationships and throws himself into what they have to offer in terms of production, music, lyrics, and the energy and strength they bring with them. In turn, every story is organic, every song is a brand new adventure.

This is JJ and Steve Aoki’s very first collaborative effort. Through the amalgamation of the Chinese culture’s sensibility and the avant-gardism of the West, the narrative illustrates a subtle yet profound contrast of beauty in both cultures. This is also demonstrated in the music video, where JJ navigates between time and space, in a quest for brotherhood, much like JJ and Steve Aoki each coming together in real life from different time zones and different parts of the world to lend their mastery to Not Tonight (Tomorrow Sounds Good Steve Aoki Remix).


Not Tonight (Tomorrow Sounds Good Steve Aoki Remix) will replace “Track 8” on JJ Lin’s debut English album “Like You Do” on worldwide on November 30th

Not Tonight (Tomorrow Sounds Good Steve Aoki Remix) Music video will be release November 30th