5 March 2021

SINGAPORE, MARCH 5, 2021 – Singaporean singer/songwriter/producer Jasmine Sokko kicks off 2021 with a massive bang with her English single “MEDUSA,” released today under Warner Music Singapore across all digital platforms worldwide. “MEDUSA” is also the first single taken from the forthcoming as-yet-titled English EP due out in the later part of 2021.

With a theme of empowerment, strength, renewal and independence​, “MEDUSA” is co-written by Jasmine Sokko together with Grammy-nominated executive producer Jenna Andrews (BTS, Benee, Lennon Stella)​ and produced by Oscar Scheller (Charli XCX, Ashnikko, Lily Allen). Tonally darker, dancier with a strong statement of intent, “MEDUSA”'s sonic direction signals a newly evolved era of Jasmine Sokko.

Says Jasmine Sokko, “MEDUSA is a well-known figure of Greek mythology that’s often associated with snakes, a death stare that turns victims into stone, and an appetite for destruction. While many see MEDUSA as a monster, she is a muse for me.

In ancient Greek mythology, she was once a respectably pure and beautiful girl who dedicated her life to Athena’s (goddess of wisdom) temple. Her beauty however, caught the eye of the sea god Poseidon, who then raped her in the sacred temple of Athena. Furious at the desecration of her temple, Athena turned MEDUSA into a monster.

MEDUSA is a misunderstood ‘villain’ in the modern world. She has inconveniently become the term to ‘demonize’ females who come across as domineering or threatening. Yet, there is something very independent, hardy and powerful about her that I draw a lot of strength from.

As I continued to evolve in my artistry, I’ve learned to take charge of my life a lot more. I’ve also learned to distinguish what is within and beyond my control so that I can affect change more intentionally in places that matter; at the same time, detach from feeling too negative about circumstances that are beyond me.

‘MEDUSA’ is the beginning of a new chapter, a story of renewal and reinvention after an inconvenient and uncomfortable phase of pushing past my own old self. New song, new me.”

Produced and co-written entirely online over various Zoom and Source-Connect sessions, “MEDUSA” is a track that sees Jasmine Sokko taking her music across Singapore, New York, Los Angeles, and London with new collaborators.

Says Jasmine Sokko on this experience, “I used to dream of having a consistent group of people where I can grow together for many years to come. I can’t help but think that might be a convenient excuse for my introverted self to not mingle with new people. Otherwise, I am glad things never did work out the way I intended because every new person you meet in your life will open up a new door within you.”

“I love working with Jasmine. I can’t believe we haven’t met in person because I feel like we have become such great friends over Zoom working on the EP!” adds Jenna Andrews, who is also the executive producer of the forthcoming EP. “I love how creative Jasmine is. All this new music that is coming out will be a whole new chapter for her. I am really excited for people to see a different side of Jasmine with these new songs.”

“MEDUSA” is the first focus track of a series of single releases before they culminate as a full EP due out in the later part of 2021. This new prolific phrase of Jasmine Sokko sees the pop wunderkind pushing her musical frontiers that will cement her as one of the brightest Asian female pop acts to come.

An accompanying performance video to “MEDUSA” is released on the same day, with the official music video penciled in for a mid-March release. Directed by Jasper Tan of Vadbibes and choreographed by long-time collaborator Ahmad Kamil from O School, the music video looks set to be another defining visual art piece in Jasmine Sokko’s rich visual arsenal. More details on the music video and the new mask will be revealed in the coming weeks.