12 August 2022

SINGAPORE, AUGUST 12, 2022 – Singaporean singer-songwriter Nathan Hartono gloriously returns with a new single “Infinity,” available across all digital platforms worldwide today. This release also marks his first single released this year.

"’Infinity’ is a song about feeling disconnected from reality, which is something that tends to happen to me when I get into depressive states. Best way I can describe it is this nebulous feeling of days being too short, yet too long at the same time. With life starting to feel like an endless cycle, the image of ‘swimming in an ocean of infinity’ came to me very strongly," says Nathan.

Produced by Hong Kong’s Charming Way, “Infinity” sees Nathan going back to his band roots for a charismatic indie-pop sound much driven by an intended wave of chaotic energy, as contrasted with sleek electronic production found on his previous EP, Edge of Days, released in September 2021.

“I wanted this song to have an edge to it that just couldn’t be done through straight electronic production, and Charming Way was spot on with their approach,” explains Nathan. “There is a raw and visceral feeling of disassociation and disorientation that I wanted to convey through the music. They were able to understand that and give this track the dash of chaos that I was craving.”

Having gone on a short hiatus since the remix of “The Difference” with Singaporean producer MYRNE last December, Nathan has been holing up in his own studio, firing up his songwriting process and sharpening his music direction. “Infinity" marks the first single that will kickstart a new prolific musical era for Nathan, with a series of new music due out in the coming months.

“My music is evolving faster than I can release it,” muses Nathan. “I hope to not only increase the output and catch up with that pace, but also embrace this raw vulnerability that I’ve always shielded away from. It feels like the first time in a while that I’ve been this honest with my music, writing about things that I am currently feeling and going through. I never truly appreciated what a vulnerable act that is. As opposed to writing about a feeling I’ve once felt, or something somebody else has felt, this is me trying to process a tumultuous time through my music.”

A multi-hyphenate, Nathan also helms all creative direction in the making-of his new music, from photography, artwork, and making and directing his own lyric and music videos.

“A lot of aspects of this batch of new songs, I am trying to put my own personal touch back into it so I can truly say this is a representation of me. Since ‘Infinity’ is about feeling disconnected from reality, I thought it’d be an interesting idea to play with AI generated art to present a visual metaphor for what is real and not. I used the exact lyrics of the song as prompts into an AI Art generator, and it made some pretty wild images that I turned into a lyric video.”

Other than the lyric video, Nathan also just wrapped up directing and filming the official music video to “Infinity” right on the eve of the song release. Inspired by pop culture and how it reflects and influences modern day life, the forthcoming visual delight is based on Nathan’s take on “the concept of endless cycles and repetition, with a dash of alternate realities and sci-fi goodness.”

The official music video to “Infinity” is currently penciled for a late September release. More details on new music and live shows will be announced soon in the coming months.