7 September 2023

SINGAPORE, 7 SEPTEMBER, 2023 – Rising Singaporean rapper J.M3 (pronounced as Jamie) releases brand new English track “Pick ‘Em Up” as the official theme song for Buddy Arena, a mobile game developed by Affyn, a leading Web3 company in Singapore. The single is now available worldwide on all digital streaming platforms.

Earlier in May this year, Warner Music Singapore (WMSG) and Affyn announced the partnership to forge new opportunities for artists and audiences within the gaming industry. This represents a significant step towards merging the realms of music and gaming, paving the way for exciting and interactive experiences for both artist and fans alike.

As part of this collaboration, WMSG’s rising artist J.M3 has written and co-produced an English theme song titled "Pick 'Em Up'' exclusively for Affyn’s upcoming mobile game, Buddy Arena, as it launches around the world in the coming months. J.M3’s avatar is also featured as the main character in the game trailer where she battles alongside Purffyn (one of the game’s Buddies), fully showcasing the bond and resilience between players and Buddies. 

Says J.M3, “Creating this track with Affyn has been so exciting every step of the way. Getting to make music to shape and bring new worlds to people has been one of the most thrilling projects this year for me. Plus, Purffyn and its fellow Buddies look out of this world! This is just about the cutest badass song I’ve ever written.”

In line with the game’s thematic direction, "Pick 'Em Up" is an energetic anthem that celebrates teamwork, resilience, and triumph. With its catchy melodies and empowering lyrics, the song is an uplifting and motivating track that inspires listeners and their inner circles to work as a team to overcome obstacles and embrace their own paths to success. 

Currently, J.M3 is working on new music and a series of live shows, with dates announced for Music Matters Live on September 13th and more to come. In addition, J.M3 is scheduled to appear at Affyn’s event at the Grand Prix Season Singapore during the F1 weekend on September 16th.

Buddy Arena, a mobile arena brawler game that takes place in part of the NEXUS World, is currently available on both iOS and Android platforms in the Philippines and is set to launch in Singapore and selected regions next, with a global launch set for early 2024. An accompanying music video for “Pick ‘Em Up” is also currently in production in tandem with the global launch.

新加坡火世代酷炫说唱女声J.M3刘宣怡(英文名发音为Jamie)为著名Web3游戏公司Affyn最新开发的手机游戏《Buddy Arena》特别献唱官方主题曲,倾情推出全新英文单曲《Pick 'Em Up》,即日起已于各大数码音乐平台热辣上架。


作为伙伴关系的一部分,新加坡华纳音乐旗下火世代说唱女声J.M3刘宣怡特别为Affyn即将上架的手机游戏《Buddy Arena》独家创作献唱英文主题曲《Pick 'Em Up》。此外,J.M3也在游戏预告中化身游戏主角与Purffyn(游戏之一的“伙伴”角色)并肩作战,为乐迷打造身临其境的视听体验。此次合作策略代表着音乐与游戏领域融合的关键一步,并为创作者和粉丝们开创超精彩的沉浸式互动体验。


轻快活泼的《Pick 'Em Up》呼应游戏主题,是一首唱出团队协作、绝处逢生和胜利喜悦的欢乐战歌。这首歌以朗朗上口的旋律和充满力量的歌词,鼓励大家勇敢克服障碍,成功的道路因坚韧而精彩。

J.M3目前忙于筹备一系列现场表演,其中包括9月13日的Music Matters Live演出。此外,来临周末登场的F1新加坡大奖赛中,Affyn将于9月16日当天举行盛大活动,届时J.M3也会出席。

《Buddy Arena》附属于NEXUS World元宇宙,是一款多人在线战斗竞技场游戏 (MOBA, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena),可于iOS和Android系统下载,目前也已在菲律宾上架。该游戏将于10月在包括新加坡在内的亚洲地区上架,预计2023年末全球发布,上线地区将包括台湾。《Pick 'Em Up》MV将与游戏全球同步发布。