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R&B and hip-hop-influenced musician JJ Lin is a Mandopop singer/songwriter from Singapore who emerged to award-winning success with his 2003 debut. Born Lin Jun-jie in Singapore on March 27, 1981, he began his recording career in association with the label Ocean Butterflies. His debut album, Music Voyager (2003), proved particularly popular in Taiwan, leading to Best New Artist recognition at the 2003 Taiwan Golden Melody Awards.

The following year he released his second album, Second Heaven (2004), and began experiencing large-scale success in his homeland, where he won Best New Act at the Singapore Hit Awards and was chosen to sing the theme song of the National Day Parade. His success continued in 2005, when he released the album No. 89757 and swept the Singapore Hit Awards, winning four honors. Subsequent albums including Cao Cao (2006) and West Side (2007) exceeded the popularity of their predecessors, further expanding his reach into mainland China with multiple wins at the Beijing Pop Music Awards.

His sixth, the appropriately titled Sixology, arrived in 2008, continuing his album-per-year schedule into 2011 with ninth LP, Lost N Found, his first for Warner Music Taiwan. For his tenth anniversary, Lin released Stories Untold, featuring guests Leehom Wang and Taiwanese rock band Mayday. After 2014's Genesis, Lin issued From M.E. to Myself, which featured his explorations with dummy head recording technology.

The effort won a pair of Golden Melody Awards for Best Composer and Best Mandarin Male Singer, as well as an American Pensado Award for Best Non-English song for "Twilight."

In 2015, he was selected to perform the National Day Theme Song, "Our Singapore", which was composed by Dick Lee. His experimental debut album From M.E. to Myself was released on 25 December 2015.

On 7 July 2016, Lin released "If Miracles had a Sound", a 96-minute music documentary created over the course of 455 days, taking place throughout studios in the U.S., Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The theme song of the documentary, "Infinity and Beyond" (超越无限) was released on 21 June 2016.

On 19 December 2017, JJ Lin posted on his Instagram page that the past two years "had not been easy" and that he had been "searching constantly for a clear direction", needing a "shelter for the soul, a 'SANCTUARY'". He "penned songs and finished his Message in a Bottle album", which was released on 29 December 2017. At the same time, he and his team and "shared a common vision, starting on project "SANCTUARY" and built the space from ground zero." In early 2018, he announced his "Sanctuary" concert tour began in Shanghai on 17 March. In 2019, he released The Story of Us (Chinese: 将故事写成我们), and actress Wu Jinyan starred in the music video.

In January 2020, Lin released a song "I'll Stay With You" dedicated to the medical staff in Wuhan, China, who were working hard to save patients infected with COVID-19.

Drifter • Like You do - a Double-dimensional, deluxe EP creatively led by JJ Lin, from music productions to visual concepts. The music narrative of this deluxe EP is inspired by
a concept JJ has been ruminating on - the possibility of a parallel universe. In this latest release which marks JJ’s 14th album, as well as his first english EP throughout
his illustrious career of 18 years, JJ delves into his innermost thoughts and feelings, redefining his music perspectives to put forward a stripped down and introspective representation of his music and self.


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